Questioning Johnny and Lee's Rules

I've started this post several times, but each one has sounded and felt like I was writing sales copy, which is the one thing I really wanted to avoid.  Hopefully this time I'll get it right. Note: because I've started and stopped several times, I'm going to also keep it really short!

A quick thought:  It's easy to fall into a trap of following the crowd (convention) when living your life, instead of actually building YOUR life.  You've probably heard it before, and maybe you even agree.  It sounds good.  Just build your life the way you want it.  But it's not always easy to figure out where to start...

If you are unfamiliar with Johnny B Truant or Lee Stranahan, I'm in luck.  I get to introduce you to a couple of genuine characters.  Ok, characters isn't that great.  Awesome characters?  No, that just sucks.  Even the word awesome doesn't help.  For now, lets go with something simply descriptive like Nonconformist Evangelists.

They have a new course out called Question the Rules.  It could very well have been called Break the Rules, or Make Your Own Rules, or many other permutations.  The basic premise is that if your life is not what you want it to be, it's probably because you're following someone else's rules--and you should question them.

I've consulted with Johnny several times in the past year, and have been consistently impressed with his up front style and honesty when talking one-on-one.  My hope was that this course would be a relatively inexpensive extension of those sessions.  In my estimation, it went far beyond that, because it addressed questions I didn't know I had.

There's a lot of information out there which gives you step by step methods of achieving a certain goal.  Whether it be money, lifestyle, dating or whatever.  The one thing most of those have in common is that they often leave out the uniqueness of the individual.  They assume *everyone* can follow the same steps, and get the same results.

That's bullshit.  Yes, it'll work for *some* people, but not for *everyone*.  For example, if you are not a chef, and are handed a cookbook and ingredients, do you think you have a chance in hell of making a better dinner than a top chef?  Why do you think diets often don't work?  Same idea.  The rules aren't your own... They are someone else's.

Question the Rules primes your mind to look at what you are doing, and how you are doing it.  What's working, what's not.  Then it gives you tools to use in building your new life...

Something I really appreciated were their examples and stories that backed up what they taught.  Not boring stories either.  The stories provide context for the lessons, and help you see similar scenarios you may have missed in your own life.

I can personally vouch for the benefits of networking, and their 3 part section on it rocks.  My life has been enriched through meeting interesting people of all types, as I hope theirs has in meeting me.  Some of the ideas were new to me, others weren't, but served as great reminders.  I can't imagine anyone who wouldn't get their money's worth out of the course just for this section alone.

Damn... I'm doing it again.. After I swore not to.  I'm sounding like a fricking sales letter, and worse, I'm editing while I type.  Dang.  Too late to turn back now.  In fact, it's getting too late... I need to get some other things done, and fall asleep next to my lovely wife.

Suffice it to say, I'm impressed, as I thought I would be.  I wouldn't have bought the course if I didn't expect something great.

Is this course for everyone?  No. Not everyone.
...if you are stuck in your ways, and have no interest in changing.  Forget it.
...if you are squeamish about a few cuss words here and there.  Forget it.
...if you love what you do, follow your own rules, and want to help should have them (or me) interview you instead!  Can't wait to hear about how you questioned the rules!

... if you are antsy as hell to have validation for your own ideas (you shouldn't, but this'll help)
... if you really want to change your life by looking at things differently
... if you are ready to take responsibility for your situation, and can't wait to make that situation 1000% better

...then you should definitely check it out.

If you are reading this in May, you'll notice my site is pretty bare bones and plain.  One thing which keeps hammering me on the head is that you just need to take action towards your goals, regardless how little or much.  If you just sit in the perfectionist/planning stages you are guaranteed to fail.  This course was just one more reminder of this fact, and it resulted in this post.  Onward!

One thing I know for sure.  If Question The Rules doesn't light your brain on fire, you're made of mud. 


P.S. (Yes. Those are affiliate links, and it'd be totally sweet if you used them, but it's ok if you don't)

P.P.S. An excellent complement to this course is the How to be Rich and Happy book by Tim Brownson and John P. Strelecky.  I'll be talking about that more in the future.

Screw It - Just Do It

Ok, I just realized that I accidentally stole one of Richard Branson's book titles (or at least most of it).  Guess I should finally read the book, since it's been sitting my shelf for many months.

I'm going to be quick and dirty with this thought.  You've no doubt heard variations of it before, but it's always worth a reminder--as it was for me.  In fact it was the push I needed to start posting again.  It comes in the form of a simple analogy.  One which may have been used before, or not.

Credit Karen over at for being the catalyst, and I hope that she doesn't mind me making this public...  She'd recently commented that she was "in the process of screwing her head on straight", which is silly if you know her, since she's very much got her (non computer techie) stuff together.  Of course her comment could have had something to do with Yesterday's BoobQuake, but I unless I missed that post, I doubt it!

Here's the first thing out of my fingers from that comment:

As for screwing your head on straight--you are of course aware that it's far more likely that you'll cross-thread things a few times before getting it right (hey, I like that analogy!) Just a reminder not to worry about it, constant course corrections are inevitable and not something to be concerned about.  Tis all just a part of finding the right fit.

Put another way, if you just say "screw it," and just "do it", you'll make great progress.  It may take backing up a few times along the way, but that's to be expected.  It's all part of the process.  Of course every once in a while you'll have to replace the screw or nut, but that's another post entirely.

So what?  Well...

It reminded me that I need to start moving myself in the right direction.

It reminded me that perfectionism is drop dead fatal to my progress.

It reminded me that there is no substitute for taking action, and making course corrections along the way.

It reminded me that the only real barrier to almost all of my ideas is my own thoughts--and those can change on a dime.

It reminds me of much more, which I'll be sharing along the way as I post more (shoot me an email or tweet if I sluff off, ok?).

How are you going to say "screw it" and just "do it"?  What demons are holding you back, and what are you prepared to cross thread a few times on your journey?


[partial WBP]

P.S. Sometimes you  have just got to save the best for last, and I quote Karen this time:  "Of course, I do agree that it is very important to keep screwing until you get it right." ;-)

Ideas, Awareness and Taking Action

The only surefire way to succeed is to DO SOMETHING. Of course there are things that will help move you forward, and things which will have a negative effect. Actions that will get you moving in the right direction include things like Goal Setting, Writing, Setting Up and improving your Website, Product Creation, Promotion, etc..

Actions that will often drag you down, and keep you from moving forward include: Web Surfing without a specifically defined (and progressive) Goal, Too Much Television, Buying Products that don’t fit your plans/goals, etc..

At first, it may be hard to tell which side your actions fall on. The real key is to become AWARE of what you are doing. With practice, it’s pretty simple. Just know that you’ve had many (too many) years of self programming which may get in the way.

You’re probably wondering just how to undo some of the self-defeating past, and become more aware. One way is to constantly remind yourself to pay attention to your actions by putting notes in places where you would see them during your “routine actions”… On your computer monitor, by your tv, in your car, in/on your refrigerator, etc..

My notes read “Is this the best use of my time right now?” Your’s might say “Do I really want to be doing *this* right now?”, or maybe even guilt yourself into the right action by saying something like “Way to go, you’re doing great!” I personally don’t think that any one statement is going to be right for everyone. The main point is that whatever your note says, that it prompts you to notice what you are doing at that moment, and thus allows you to make a new choice–should you be need to.


Right now, before you surf to the next great website, do yourself a tiny little favor and write your quick note, and put it on your monitor. Consider what you are doing, and how it serves you. Then do what you already know is in your own best interest!

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