Let's Have Fun Building Your Website Together!

My name is Tim Gary, founder of MINDCUE, LLC, and I'd very much like to make the process of getting your website online easy and fun.

In looking at some of my favorite clients, I realized that I had included them in the entire site design/development process.  We both had fun during its construction, and there was an attitude of "let's play with it" and see how each step comes out.  This becomes a win-win situation with everyone more relaxed and creative through the process.  It also has a tendency of removing surprises in the end result.

Check out the Website Creation and Design Packages, and see if one fits.  If you have any questions at all just contact us via email or phone.

Some Background About Me

I love technology, even when I'm fighting it (I usually win).  When I got started, I was 12, and the fastest modem would take almost a minute to display a page of text (or often print it).
In many ways, I'm a "Jack of all trades, master of none some" - Put entirely more positively, I'm a Chameleon!  Feed me a project or situation, and my experience allows me to quickly adapt.  One day I can be a Web Designer, the next, a Computer Troubleshooter, or Internet Technology coach.
Tim and Milo (rock star kitty)
When building websites, I've used Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, Xoops, CS-Cart, and a handful of other tools.  If all that's meaningless to you, it basically means that I am flexible, and I do my best to fit the software/tool to the situation.  My preference for simple sites is currently Wordpress, and for more complex ones, Drupal.  This may change to 100% Drupal once version 7 is released.
Building websites is one thing, designing site graphics is another.  I can build, or help you design a great website no matter how simple or complex.  If I get to learn something new in the process, it's even better.  However, I am not a *graphic designer*.  That means, when it comes to building your brand, logo, and other misc images, you'll probably have to find someone else.  What I can do is take images you provide and manipulate them in Photoshop to make them work within the site.  If your needs are simple, I may be able to help if you already know exactly what you want.
I like to learn things, and put different pieces together.  My 30+ years of computer experience allows me to quickly understand new and different technologies, and see how they can fit together.  That may not sound like much, but in a world of one-trick-ponies, it can make a world of difference when putting the parts together to build a comprehensive whole.

Beginners welcome!

I particularly enjoy fielding questions from people who find technical web/computer things confusing.  It can be quite difficult to get simple answers to questions via web searches.  Would you like to spend hours searching for clues, and giving up in frustration, or tackling 10 times as many questions in a 45 minute phone call?


I like to help people put their ideas into action.  In that frame, Mind=Ideas, and Cue=Action (like in the movies when they cue the next scene)

Technical things I love to do...

Problem Solving/Troubleshooting: More than anything else, I like to solve problems and "debug" stuff that isn't working quite right.
Discovering/choosing/finding solutions to specific website functionality requirements: This can be a very time consuming task, and many people dislike it.  I don't.  It's very much like troubleshooting something before it's put together.  Will these pieces and parts all fit together to make a working whole?  Sometimes trade-offs are required, but the vast majority of challenges can be solved.

Other interests:

Personal Growth: This comes along with liking to understand and learn new things.
Business: I'm always reading business books, and articles.  Strategies, ideas, niches, etc.  I find that it's much easier to work on other peoples' projects rather than my own.   Not so good for me, but definiely good for you!
Marketing/Advertising/Sales: Goes along with business. 
Music: I tend to lean towards Rock/Metal, though I also like Blues, Jazz, and a variety of seemingly random styles.  Since moving from a condo to a house, I've had the opportunity to actually plug in a guitar or two, into my Marshall Amplifier and noodle around.  Don't worry, I'm extremely considerate, and do so at a reasonable hour to not disturb the neighbors.

Even More Background

In November 1985, before I was even 20 years old, I was mentioned in one of the largest computer magazines available at the time.  Byte Magazine. I'd written one of the very first BBS (Bulletin Board System) programs for computers at the time, and there was a two part article on building your own "turnkey" BBS.  That program was written for a long extinct Operation system called CP/M (an 8-bit operating syste from before IBM came out with their 8/16-bit computers and MS-DOS was born). The BBS was sold under a handful of names, including Z-Msg (Via Echelon), FOG BBS (via The First Osborne users Group), and Metal Message System (this was my original name, tipping a hat to my musical tastes)
I've been the lead technical person in several health related start ups.
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