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We do our best to stay on top of things, and keep our clients happy.  Here's what a few of them have to say:

Tim Brownson of A Daring Adventure

Select quote: "I can't really recommend Tim Highly enough.  I would give him the keys to my safe [if I had one].  Just trust him, he's great at what he does."

-- Life Coach Tim Brownson, A Daring Adventure:

Cindy Coverdale of Vertical Fitness

Tim Gary, of MINDCUE, is an exceptional web master! Not only can he create magic in building your website, he is wonderful to work with while making sure your site is exactly how you want it. He is great at listening to what you want, then finding a way to make that happen. He is also very agreeable and doesn't take exception, if you want something done differently.

Cindy Coverdale

Due to the nature of my business, I need to make changes to my site often and Tim has always been easy to reach and quick to make the necessary changes. He has also been incredible patient in showing me step-by-step how to make changes on my own.

My business has really taken off since working with Tim! He really knows his stuff when it comes to using the proper keywords to make my site pop up in search engines. I have no negatives, only positives to report after working with Tim! I highly recommend you use his services at mindcue.com!

--Cindy Coverdale of Vertical Fitness Dance Studio

Pamela Wilson of Big Brand System

Pamela Wilson

Getting your site hacked seems to be a rite of passage that everyone doing business on the Internet goes through. I did not want to experience that particular rite of passage, so I contacted Tim Gary of Mindcue for help.

I have two websites: a blog and a membership site. Despite the challenges posed by my member site software, Tim was able to lock down both of my sites to make them less attractive to hackers, and more secure overall.

In addition, Tim looked at my setup and made great recommendations about what I could change to maximize disk space on my web host, and minimize risk. Since I set my sites up myself, I appreciated getting this review and advice.

Once he made his recommendations and I approved them, he went ahead and changed the settings, so I didn't have to do a thing!

I sleep better at night knowing that my Internet business has a great security system in place. And Tim backs his work up with guaranteed support in case anything happens. It was a great investment. Thanks, Tim!

--Pamela Wilson, Big Brand System and My Big Brand System

Alberta Smith-Johnson of ASJ Artworks

Tim Gary is a wonderful webmaster and a great person, as well.

He was extremely patient with me while answering my every question. Tim worked hard to create a site that would work for me and he took great care to make sure that I understood how to make simple changes to my site whenever I need to do so.

If you need an excellent, caring webmaster to work with---RUN---don't walk--to get to Tim's services. It will be the best money you can spend on your website.

---Alberta Smith-Johnson of ASJ Artworks


Scott Iardella of SmartFitnessCoach.com

"I have to tell you, I feel really fortunate to find Tim to design my site. I needed someone reliable, talented, and efficient in web layout and design. I also needed someone open to communication for revisions and “fine tuning”. Tim was all of that and much more. Tim is absolutely fantastic to work with because he cares about doing the job right and giving his clients what they want.

In my experience, he went “above and beyond” the expectations of working with a web designer and always offered great suggestions or easy to follow steps for small tweaks I inquired about. He was able to do everything I asked of him, but one of the best things about working with him is his follow up and responsiveness. Whenever I had questions or revisions, he was always extremely prompt in his response time and always willing to do the things I needed done quickly.

I don’t know what else to say other than I give him my highest recommendation, based on my extremely positive and pleasant experience. I won’t hesitate at all in recommending him to my friends and I will surely be utilizing him again in the future, without a doubt.

If you are looking for an intelligent, dependable, and exceptional web master, then Tim Gary at Mindcue.com is your man!! Oh yeah, he’s a great guy too, so don’t think twice about utilizing his services. Thanks Tim & I look forward to future projects!"

-- Scott Iardella, MPT, CSCS, CISSN, RKC 
Smart Fitness Coach


Leslie Beia of WearYourVeggies.com

"Working on my Wordpress site with Tim has been such a pleasure. Beyond offering solutions and expertise, he has been a thoughtful and prompt communicator, which for anyone trying to launch or run a business is unspeakably important. He's saved me so many headaches and hours of feeling dumbfounded by what I faced. Thanks, Tim!" 

-- Leslie Beia
Kick-Ass Vegetable Adorned Clothing


Alison Golden of AlisonGolden.com

Tim Gary is awesome. He goes waaaaaay beyond the call of duty.

I recently tweeted him in a panic and got him while driving a ten-hour car journey. As soon as he got back, he started working on my problem. That night. Despite the fact, he'd been away all week at a conference, he continued to work my problem over the weekend until it was solved. Like I said, waaaaaayyyy beyond the call...

I knew he was good though, because he came highly recommended from three trusted contacts of mine. And they were right.

Security is not my thing. It causes me to come over all drowsy and lethargic. And guilty. Because I know it's important and I don't want to do it. And I feel daft because I don't know how to do it. And anxious because I don't want to mess up anything.

So I'm feeling tired, guilty, incompetent and anxious.

Then I find Tim Gary and he does it all for me. In the blink of an eye. For a very reasonable price.

And then I'm not feeling all those icky things. I'm feeling all warm and calm and peaceful and secure and relaxed. And so, so clever for finding the man.

We're working on SEO next...

Kind regards,
Alison Golden
The Secret Life of a Warrior Woman



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