Screw It - Just Do It

Ok, I just realized that I accidentally stole one of Richard Branson's book titles (or at least most of it).  Guess I should finally read the book, since it's been sitting my shelf for many months.

I'm going to be quick and dirty with this thought.  You've no doubt heard variations of it before, but it's always worth a reminder--as it was for me.  In fact it was the push I needed to start posting again.  It comes in the form of a simple analogy.  One which may have been used before, or not.

Credit Karen over at for being the catalyst, and I hope that she doesn't mind me making this public...  She'd recently commented that she was "in the process of screwing her head on straight", which is silly if you know her, since she's very much got her (non computer techie) stuff together.  Of course her comment could have had something to do with Yesterday's BoobQuake, but I unless I missed that post, I doubt it!

Here's the first thing out of my fingers from that comment:

As for screwing your head on straight--you are of course aware that it's far more likely that you'll cross-thread things a few times before getting it right (hey, I like that analogy!) Just a reminder not to worry about it, constant course corrections are inevitable and not something to be concerned about.  Tis all just a part of finding the right fit.

Put another way, if you just say "screw it," and just "do it", you'll make great progress.  It may take backing up a few times along the way, but that's to be expected.  It's all part of the process.  Of course every once in a while you'll have to replace the screw or nut, but that's another post entirely.

So what?  Well...

It reminded me that I need to start moving myself in the right direction.

It reminded me that perfectionism is drop dead fatal to my progress.

It reminded me that there is no substitute for taking action, and making course corrections along the way.

It reminded me that the only real barrier to almost all of my ideas is my own thoughts--and those can change on a dime.

It reminds me of much more, which I'll be sharing along the way as I post more (shoot me an email or tweet if I sluff off, ok?).

How are you going to say "screw it" and just "do it"?  What demons are holding you back, and what are you prepared to cross thread a few times on your journey?


[partial WBP]

P.S. Sometimes you  have just got to save the best for last, and I quote Karen this time:  "Of course, I do agree that it is very important to keep screwing until you get it right." ;-)

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