Free Tech Hotline Calls

[this offer is over, but you can get even more time with me by heading over to the Tech Hotline page and signing up!]

I really like talking to people about tech stuff on the phone.  Whether it's the very basics of deciphering geek-speak terminology, or making sense of various WordPress, Drupal or general website problems and troubleshooting, it never fails to be interesting and fun.

With this in mind, and as a way to introduce myself to you, I'd like to offer FREE ($65 real world value) 30 minute Tech Hotline calls to everyone who either requests one in comments below, or tweets about it via twitter (@mindcuebetween now and Tuesday Thursday midnight Pacific Standard Time.Offer closed.

If you tweet about it, please either also leave a comment below, or send a message via the contact form so I don't miss it.  If this is too much tech for you, just go to the contact form and request it there.

You can get some ideas from the Tech Hotline info page, or take a cue from these starting points:

  • Website beginner: "I want a website, technology scares me, Tim, help!"
  • Website novice: "I have a website, I think it oculd be better, Tim, help me rock it."
  • Website professional: "I'm scoping out my competition, I want to know how they have this cool thing on their site and if I can do the same on mine".
  • Anyone with computer troubles: "This doohickey is not working the way I expect, help!"

In reality, we can talk about anything, it's OUR 30 minutes to use in whatever way fits!  Often there will be follow-up via email, since it's virtually impossible to know details of every situation while on the call (and who wants those long pauses while something is being looked up?)

Remember, the window closes soon, so don't wait.  Your questions and thoughts don't have to be formulated yet.  You can wing it!

Details will be send via email once you comment or tweet.  I prefer calls done through Skype, and I don't care what country or time zone you are in.  If you don't have a Skype account, we can arrange calls via regular phone lines (or other services), no problem.

The fine print:  There's no way to guarantee that I'll have or be able to find the answer to everything you ask, especially in just 30 minutes. BUT I promise to do my best, and to follow through on any lingering items via email.  Fair enough?




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