Blog Security Lockdown

If you have a WordPress blog, there's a very good chance you have some glaring security holes in your site.  This is especially if some of the default settings were chosen during your site's creation.

These days, nothing is foolproof, yet there are quite a few things that can be done to make your site nearly bulletproof, and allow you to sleep at night knowing you've done everything in your power to stop hackers from ruining it.

Some of it is Pretty Technical

Rather that plaster you with details of installing plugins, uploading files, deleting files, adding to files, and even doing some rather potentially hairy database changes, I'd rather just handle it for you.  I mean, wouldn't you rather your head not explode from all this stuff?

Even if you actually like the tech stuff, it can take a bit of trial and error on different servers to get it right.  It might just be worth your while to have me take care of it for you.

Don't Worry, I'll Do It For You - In One of Two Ways

The Super Duper, do everything possible to defend your site as tight as fort knox package.  And the Do Darn Near Everything package, which leaves out some cool stuff, but will save you some cash.  Both packages will help get your site protected better than they already are, and do so with little or no interference in how you are currently doing things.

The Super Duper package involves creating an entirely new copy of your site's content, and makes sure that it is really well hidden from the bad guys.  Even if they find a way in through a newly discovered security flaw, there's a good chance you'll still be safe from an attack.

That's not to say that the Do Darn Near Everything package is a slouch.  It provides a lot of protection from against attacks, and does everything possible to keep you safe without going through the the extra content changes.

Backups Done for You

Both packages include the setup of my new favorite backup plugin, which allows you to automatically make backups of your entire site (not just the database), both to your existing server, and to inexpensive external "cloud" based services like Amazon's S3 and the RackSpace Cloud Files server.  If you're still under 500 posts or so, you can even have the database backed up and emailed to you, while you keep the larger files elsewhere.

You'll get detailed information on what was done to your site, and how to use the new plugins that will be installed.  To help keep you safe, you'll learn the basics of maintaining the security of your site as well as a step by step guide on recovering from a disaster.  *This document is currently a work in progress, and will benefit from your early feedback!

Early clients are loving the service

Getting your site hacked seems to be a rite of passage that everyone doing business on the Internet goes through. I did not want to experience that particular rite of passage, so I contacted Tim Gary of Mindcue for help.
I have two websites: a blog and a membership site. Despite the challenges posed by my member site software, Tim was able to lock down both of my sites to make them less attractive to hackers, and more secure overall. 
In addition, Tim looked at my setup and made great recommendations about what I could change to maximize disk space on my web host, and minimize risk. Since I set my sites up myself, I appreciated getting this review and advice. 
Once he made his recommendations and I approved them, he went ahead and changed the settings, so I didn't have to do a thing!
I sleep better at night knowing that my Internet business has a great security system in place. And Tim backs his work up with guaranteed support in case anything happens. It was a great investment. Thanks, Tim!

Just so you know, I'm doing all the work to secure your site myself.  No outsourced labor and no middlemen.   Check what some of my other clients say about me on the Web Services Testimonials page of this site.

Please be aware that if your site is large or complex, for instance one that's a membership site or containing forums, that there may be an additional charge.  I don't want to rush things, and it simply takes longer to handle these special cases.  It's still a small price to pay for peace of mind.

How it works:

  1. Order by selecting the correct options below.
  2. I'll arrange to collect the data I'll need to make the changes, which you can fax, or otherwise get back to me securely online.
  3. A time will be scheduled for me to take care of your site.  The Super Duper package will require a little bit of downtime as the data is transferred, and replaced.  The Darn Near Everything package will only require a couple of minutes where the site may be unavailable.
  4. You get the followup information, and sleep better!

I guarantee that on the day I complete the WordPress Security LockDown on your site, it will be as protected as possible from known  (and most unknown) attacks.

Go ahead and click the options you want below, and you'll be safer this week!

List Price: $147.00
Price: $97.00

You can choose to get the Foundational Protection which will make your WordPress site far more secure than most on the Internet, or you can choose to take it up a level and do the Maximum Possible.

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