Product and Service Recommendations

It's a jungle out there, and finding the "right stuff" can be a challenge.  The following are are our most highly recommended products and services.  Detailed reviews are in the works.  While I may make a commission on some of these, I have purchased them myself 

Ideas & Inspiration

Tim Brownson: Life Coach - If you're looking to get unblocked, discover your real values and desires, and have a good time doing it, look no further!

Fire Starter Sessions - A multi media presentation of acumen and love. You: are likely sitting on an empire of content, product, services, and prosperity that needs a spark -- or blow torch -- to take you to the next level. You: want to rock your revenue streams and do meaningful things in the world.

Action & Doing It

Be Awesome Online - Catherine Caine spreads Awesomeness for weirdos of all kinds!

Question The Rules - Johnny B Truant and Lee Stranahan's course: "The nonconformist's punk rock, diy, nuts-and-bolts  guite to creating the business and life you really want, starting with what you already have."  Really great stuff to get you moving and thinking about what you really want, and break through the walls holding you back.

The Dojo - Charlie Gilkey's evolving Guide to Doing More of What Matters.

Web Hosting

HostGator - Fast and reliable shared web hosting suitable for most new WordPress sites.


Mona Lisa Million - Promote your site, and help a good cause.


Other Wonderful Resources

Effa Diet - Karen Paritee is on a mission to help people loose weight in a simple an easy way that is virtually unheard of in "diet" circles.  Take a look, and talk with her one on one.  I'm 100% confident that you'll get great results by following her ideas and solutions.

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