Brilliant, Painless & Fun Website

Do you want a website, but don't know where to start?

Instead of working with you on your site, we choose to play with you instead.  You love to have fun, right?

Here's how it works:

  • You bring ideas and content that you are passionate about.
  • We handle the tech/computer stuff we love.
  • Together we create a shiny new site that looks great, and does what you want.

Simple really!

The key here is plenty of interaction, both on the phone and by email.  This won't be your typical push-button site, it will include the functionality that fits your situation, and be built on the platform that makes the most sense.  This will typically be Drupal or WordPress depending on your needs.  

You will actually have fun bringing your website vision into reality.

Here's the fine print:  Not all sites will be able to be constructed for the price shown below.  It's important that we are on the same page as to what will be included, and what will cost extra.  This will be determined by the functionality you require and on time constraints.

By far the best way to start is to signup for a Tech Hotline Consultation.  You will be able to apply  its price to this Playful Website Building package.  Ask any question you want of us, learn what your options are, and we'll be able to see what service is the best fit, even if it's someone else's!    Since the Tech Hotline Consultation has a money back guarantee, you risk nothing, and we get to talk with people who are serious (in a fun way).

Typically, these types of sites may require a larger investment to make sure they meet your requirements:  Complex Membership Sites, Complex Shopping Sites, Sites that provide Affiliate Commissions, Scheduling Sites, and others.

There are some built-in time limits which we'll discuss via phone and email.  In order for this to be fun for both of us, it's important that you are prepared to provide content and interaction such that the project can be completed within a reasonable amount of time.  Things that drag on typically aren't fun for anyone!  Striking while the energy and passion is at a high level will make everything wonderful and fast.

Scared?  Nervous?  Contact us, and you'll see that there's nothing to be afraid of.  We want you to be as happy to play with us, as we are to play with you.  That's the bottom line!

* Due to the amount of time invested in these packages, availability is strictly limited.

List Price: $1,995.00
Price: $1,195.00
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