Tech Hotline

Length: About 45 Minutes

If you have questions on websites, technology or how they relate to your business idea, start here. It's a great way to quickly get up to speed on things that may otherwise be making your head explode.

I'm also very good at solving computer and website problems.  If you need something fixed, or reconfigured, we can do that too.  If you want to show me something on you computer screen, or have me walk through a trouble you have, it's really easy to do that as well.

We can talk about anything you want, and I will dish out the straight scoop based on my experience and research.

Just a few sample topic ideas:

  • Website Technical Basics - What do I need in order to build a site like...?  What software should I use?
  • Troubleshooting - fixing website problems, desktop machine troubles, etc... No guarantees, but if there is a solution, there's a really really good chance we'll find it.
  • Geekspeak Translation - I can help decipher product sales pages, installation instructions, blog and forum posts, and most anything else of a technical/computer nature.
  • Website Improvements - From a technology perspective, what can be done to your existing site to better meet your goals
  • Example site deconstruction - What does site ______ use to do what they are doing?  What's feasible within my budget?
  • Branding, naming and domain brainstorming - I have an idea, and some keywords, how can I find a domain and/or name/brand that's available?
  • Pick my brain about resources - Where can I learn more about _____?

While my background is in computers, I probably have more marketing, business and self development books on my shelf than computer titles, so feel free to talk about anything at all!

If I can't quickly answer something, I will follow up with an answer via email as long as it's not a separate research project in and of itself.  (eg. If I can't remember, or quickly find a link or site I am aware of, no problem, I'll get it to you after the call.  But if you want to compare 5 different shopping cart solutions against your list of 10 unique requirements, I'd love to help, but it would be under a separate research consultation.)

We can do this all by email if that's more convenient.  Often I'll ask for certain details, or a quick overview email before the call.  It's all good!

List Price: $149.00
Price: $95.00
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