Recent Projects

Here are a handful of recent projects.

Tim Brownson's A Daring Adventure

A Daring Adventure

The talented Louise Varre of De Reva Design redesigned Tim's site graphics and image.  We handled the web tech stuff that was required to seemlessly move the blog portion of the site to the main landing location.  This included making database changes for all links within posts, making sure images were moved, and permenantly redirecting existing external links to the new locations, so virtually no one would be any wiser (except for them reading Tim's posts, which if acted upon will make them wiser, or at least more of a wise-ass for sure!).

We continue to help with plugins, SEO and graphic tweaks on an as-needed basis.  Tim's a lot of fun to play with.

Vertical Fitness Dance Studio

Vertical Fitness Dance Studio

The Vertical Fitness site was a LOT of fun to build.  It is a complete custom site redesign using the powerful Drupal content management framework.  Cindy Coverdale, the amazing owner, wanted a new look for her existing site.  She also wanted to be able to edit and add content herself without always having to contact the “web guy” for even minor changes.  She got her wish, and we both enjoyed building the site together.  Sometimes she contacts us to do something with the site, but I think she just misses us.  Oh wait.  She gets an hour of time each month as part of our Enhanced hosting, support and maintenance plan... 


We also built Cindy’s Blog and Dance Party Sites to life.  These were less complicated, and were done using Wrodpress.


Losing weight doesn't have to suck

As is usually the case, Karen came by way of referral.  And what a referral it was!  She liked her existing site's clean design, but wanted a lot more flexibility than the commercial would allow.  We moved the content and images over, and found a flexible, yet extremely clean theme in a similar vein to her original.  As with Cindy above, playing with Karen on her site and business ideas has become the model of client interaction and  fun we strive for.  Take a look, and find out why losing wight doesn't have to suck!

North Tahoe Physical Therapy

Jane O’Brien, PT, MSPT was happy with her original site design, but the original designer had fallen off the face of the earth, as had the prior one before that.  She also wanted to be able to capture email leads, as well as send news to her existing customers.   We’re happy to help update the site as new information is provided, and send email to her customers.  She could do it herself, but is more than happy to let us take care of it!

Wear Your Veggies

Leslie came to us looking to create a professional looking site that she could maintain herself once it was setup.  No problem.  Wordpress does this fine.  We handled all of the installation and technical work, while she had others create the logo, and create graphics for the site.  Her images were incorporated into the site's look-and-feel, and a simple, yet stunning site was the result.

ASJ Artworks

Alberta was looking for an affordable way to offer a monthly art print program via the web.  It was no small, task to find, install and test various WordPress add-ons, but the result works well.  She picked the theme, and we played with her to add her own graphics throughout the site.

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