Your New Website Doesn't Have to Hurt!


I recently had a wonderful consultation with Catherine of Be Awesome Online.  

It was fun.  It was a little scary.  It was revealing.

Quickly, it became clear that something was missing in the typical buzzword driven web design offerings.  Often it is frightening and overwhelming to the businessperson who is faced with sorting through lists of features, computer words, and sample sites.  They have enough on their plate already in forming a new business or revamping an existing one.

Additionally, she pointed out some of the phrases I was using indicated that I was looking for a different kind of offering that would be both fun and productive for everyone.  Words like play, fun, experiment, learn, enjoy, passion, energy, partner, friend kept coming up.  This is quite the opposite of what many may think of when "having" to get a website setup.

And why not?  It really should be fun and feel good to create something new.  It shouldn't hurt!

Building your website should be fun.  Instead of work, it should be play.  I love it when I can just soak up the energy of my partner (aka client), and start trying things to see what fits.  Doing things this way can lead to new discoveries and clarifies what we want to accomplish together, and allows it to happen.

You are faced with thousands of choices for web designers/developers.  Many of them are highly skilled and great at what they do.  But how many of them can give you a fun, motivating and productive experience while creating something uniquely yours?

That's what I aim to deliver.

How does that sound?

More to come...


P.S.  This site's progress is a work-in-process using some of the same ideas as I talk to myself about what I want to accomplish, and how I want it to look.  It'll settle down at some point, but for now expect lots of little changes as I play with it.

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