WordPress Blog Security Lockdown Report

If you want to keep your blog from being an easy mark for hackers, then this guide will help.  I've done the research, found the best ways to protect your blog, and put it all in an easy to read and print document.

You'll discover:

  • Some of the best WordPress security-related plugins
  • How to hide information from unwanted eyes
  • Ways to sheild yourself from certain types of attacks
  • Backup strategies
  • and more... 

Hey, even though it's free, it's quite valuable information and hard to come by in one spot.  You don't even have to give me your email address.  So, help keep your friends safe and spread the word!

My ulterior motive: If you find the technical side of things challenging and you want someone else to take care of it, I'd like you to consider using my Blog Security Lockdown Service where I do it for you.  It's that simple.

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Blog Security Lockdown
 (revised December 11, 2010)


This report will be updated regularly.  To get a notification of changes, signup to the update list  on the top right side of this page, where it says "Stay Safe!"   


Johnny B. Truant Talks About His Recent Site Meltdown

I interviewed Johnny B Truant about his recent site meltdown experience, and recorded it for you.  It's short, just 30 minutes or so, but contains some good information on backups, and dealing with problems before and after they happen.  I ramble on a bit towards the end before we run out of time.  Guess I should stick to computer stuff!

Download the interview here:

Johnny B Truant Backups + Security Interview (mp3)

I hope that this information spares people from the problems hackers can create.  It's important to understand that security is an ongoing challenge, not just a one shot deal.  Make sure you keep your site(s) updated and make frequent back ups.


If you would like me to take care of the technical side of setting everything up, head over  to the Blog Security Lockdown Service page, and sign up now.  It's a small price to pay for peace of mind.

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